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Guidance and Counseling Services

                                          Canyon Intermediate Counseling Center


Ronda Norman, Full-Time Counselor

My name is Ronda Norman and I am the full-time counselor at Canyon Intermediate.  I am available to work with students and families as a part  of the Canyon Intermediate Counseling Center.  The mission of the Counseling Center is to aid students and equip them socially, emotionally and academically through prevention and intervention.  I work hand in hand with faculty, parents and community resources to provide a safe environment where students will grow and develop.

Morning Meetings

Morning meetings use a framework of the Social/Emotional literacy curriculum called Seven Mindsets adopted by Canyon ISD.   Through morning meetings, students are given an opportunity to hear stories, take part in discussions and participate in meaningful activities that will foster the Seven Mindsets.  For more information about the Seven Mindsets, see the attached Parent Letter.  Also during morning meetings, students are able to incorporate the CARE of Canyon Intermediate where Eagles Cooperate, Achieve, Respect, and Empower.  Along with the Seven Mindsets, students have lessons on Substance Abuse, Bullying, and Social Media.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available as needed for students who are having difficulty.  Parents, teachers, administrators, or students themselves may request time with a counselor. Resources are made available to address specific concerns.  It is our goal to provide students with a safe place to come when they need to talk or work through various concerns.